House portrait: custom-drawn print of a house / building / office

A house portrait is a customized drawing of a home, building or office.
An eye-catcher in your office or building.
A beautiful gift at a housewarming, anniversary, wedding or as a farewell gift for a colleague.

How does it work?

  • You choose which format you would like (see below).
  • I will send you an invoice of 50% of the total amount. After the payment we will start.
  • You provide a photo (in high resolution) of your house, building or office, exactly as you want it; straight from the front or from a certain angle.
  • Unless you already know exactly what you want, we will discuss together which proportions are useful for your drawing: square or rectangular.
  • I make a rough sketch of the layout of the drawing. which I’ll send to you. If you prefer it differently, I will adjust the sketch.
  • If you agree on the sketch, I will make a detailed illustration. I draw your building in a slightly darker color than the background and any surrounding buildings. When you change your mind about the shades of gray, I can easily change them later on.
    The level of detail in the drawing depends on the size of the building. For example, in residential houses I will draw all the bricks of the facade.
  • If you agree with the detailed drawing, I will have it printed by a specialized print lab. The print comes on a kind of watercolor paper (matte, off-white and heavy paper (315 g) with a light texture).
  • I send the second invoice with the remaining costs.



A house portrait costs € 657. This includes a print on 30 x 30 cm or A4 format (21 x 29.7 cm) and includes 21% VAT and shipping within the Netherlands. Contact me about information on abroad shipping.

If you want a larger print, then there are some additional costs:

  • Print on 30 x 40 cm up to 40 x 40 cm: + € 20
  • Print on 40 x 50 cm up to 50 x 50 cm: + € 40

If you prefer a drawing in a different style, or want to order several house portraits or multiple prints or have other customized wishes, please contact me.

Order house portrait

For a home or office portrait, you can personally contact me ( / 06-36001150) or order directly by filling in the form below. After receiving your information I will contact you for the photo, planning and payment.

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