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I made different infographics *. No tight business infographics, but ‘happy info-illus’ or ‘light infographics’. Light and playful information illustrations. Sometimes to depict useful educational or scientific information, sometimes very personally and for fun.

I also like to help you with an infographic. It would be no problem at all to collaborate with a copywriter or work with existing texts, but I also enjoy (re)writing my own texts.

*) An infographic or informative illustration is a representation of information on various objects through a combination of text and visuals. This can be in the form of a map, graph, diagram, display, flowchart or instructive drawing – a visual user guide, ‘how-to’ or manual.
Infographics are visual tools aimed at communicating information, data and knowledge. They are often used in news articles and background articles, annual financial reports, as a visual aid in public transport systems, and for scientific or educational purposes, or to tell a subjective and fun personal story.

Step-by-step plan from “Het Boek Rein”.

For the LUMC magazine, I made a photo-illustration infographic about their new MRI scanner. Click here for more information and details about the MRI-scanner infographic.

“Things I miss when I am pregnant” – image production in collaboration with journalist and editor Julie de Graaf.

Illustration of a “trophy lady” for the book “This book is not about fashion” by Cécile Narinx, Merel Bem and Marije van Regenmortel. Click here for more information and details about “This book is not about fashion”.

Illustrations for the children’s book “Travel diary of Travis Montgomery”:

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