Het Boek Rein

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Commissioned by Stichting Present foundation, I created ‘Het boek Rein’ (The book of Rein).

‘Het boek Rein’ is about Rein. And about Marion, who passed away six months ago. It’s about psychoses, drugs; about the inexperienced Irene and how she views the world; how the neighbourhood reacts to Rein; about how he perhaps used to be.

Back in the day, when he still had a job, an ordinary life.

The book contains nearly 400 pages, with photos of Rein’s house, his memories of Marion, explanations of her paintings, three short manuals (snorting cocaine, freebasing cocaine, chasing the dragon), reactions from local residents, suds, rubbish, photos of things that have been destroyed in the meantime, notes and cards, etc.

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