Online course “Visualize your story”

Support your message with illustrations, communicate your knowledge more clearly and effective.

You are good at your job and handy with text. But sometimes words are not enough, and it would be useful to explain things with illustrations. Images attract attention, help to remember and help to understand.

In this course you learn the basics of educational visualization. When does an image say more than 1000 words? Is it better to use a photo or an illustration here? How do you make such an illustration yourself, even if you always thought “I can’t draw”? What colors do you use?

No prior knowledge or drawing talent is required. In this course we will work with pen, paper and a mobile phone.

This course is for people who want to transfer knowledge or explain things from their profession, and thereby would like to use illustrations to clarify their story. Even if you think “I can’t draw”, I help you to make simple drawings that help you convey your message better.

The coarse duration is 4 weeks. No new course dates are known yet; sign up for the waiting list to stay informed.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • When does the course start?
      Currently no new course dates are known yet. Sign up for the waiting list to stay informed.
    • What if I have no idea for a story or message to visualize?
      In the first week of the course you have time to think about this. And even if it takes longer, no harm done; only in the last week will we really start illustrating your message.
    • How long will the course take?
      The course duration is 4 weeks. Currently no new course dates are known yet. Sign up for the waiting list to stay informed.
    • Do I need Photoshop or another program to participate?
      No, this course we draw everything on paper.
    • What do I need?
      • Pen and paper (for drawing), possibly also pencils and felt-tip pens or markers
      • Something to take pictures of your drawings; preferably a smartphone, so you can take the photos with a specific app.
    • Do I need drawing experience to participate?
      No, not at all! This course is intended for people who are good at their job but who are uncertain about their drawing skills, or who have not drawn for a long time, and who are aware of the added value of illustrations when transferring their professional knowledge.
    • What if I can already draw?
      If you can already draw very well and you are confident in that area, I would not participate; then another course is probably better suited.

    About Irene

    sunMy name is Irene, and I love beauty and craftsmanship. My goal is to ensure that what I create on your behalf is nice to look at, evokes joy, and conveys the message you want to send.

    In 2000, I studied biology at the University of Leiden. I chose biology out of love and admiration for nature – the little creatures, and how everything, mind-blowingly, works. Eventually I realised that I wanted to pass on my knowledge, passion, and admiration. So, I did an internship at the Naturalis museum’s educational department and graduated in science communication.muzzle beetle

    Following my studies, I wanted to learn more about visual communication. How can you use images to better illustrate what you mean? I continued my studies at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK) and subsequently launched my own business in 2009 – now I create wonderful things all day long!

    leafResume Irene Cecile (1981):

    • 2009 – present: educational illustrator at Irene Cécile
    • 2005 – 2009: Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague (Cum Laude)
    • 2006 – 2008: Minor in “Art and Business”, Leiden University (Cum Laude)
    • 2000 – 2005: Biology, Leiden University (major in science communication)



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