Medical illustrations

Having a background as a biologist and an interest in medical science, I quite enjoy creating informative medical illustrations, medical infographics or brochures. Medical illustrations are helpful in better communicating abstract knowledge or emotionally charged subjects.

I enjoy working with hospitals or patient organisations, and I consider it important and invaluable to inform patients or to help them cope with their illness in a better way.
This can either take the form of illustrations that support existing text or a formatted infographic linking text and visuals more intensively.

I’m also happy to help you with medical illustrations or a medical infographic. We will work together to create a format that best suits the target group, the type of information and the look and feel of your organisation, foundation or institution. I have a lot of experience producing work aimed at children, people with functional illiteracy and people with a different language background.

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My illustrations are suitable for both print and online or digital use, which can also include interactive illustrations. I can make illustrations with pixels or vectors. Vector drawings do not have a fixed resolution; the images can be infinitely enlarged without any loss of quality.


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