Informative illustrations

Informative illustrations (also known as educational illustrations) are my favourite things to make.
Given my background as a biologist (major in science communication), the love of natural sciences and the urge to present knowledge in a simple and clear way, it’s needless to say that I love using visuals to convey information. Sometimes I do that for adults, usually for children.

Some of my work includes:

  • Illustrations for museums (Naturalis, Army Museum)
  • Illustrations for school books and education (Noordhoff, Uitgeverij Karakter)
  • Videos and illustrations for education; to help children learn (Stichting Goed Rekenonderwijs, Sommenfabriek)
  • Illustrations for other knowledge centres and informational material (UNAWE, Oxfam Novib)
  • Various infographics
  • Comic strip on disease treatments, scientific drug research and informed consent (LUMC, Leiden University)


I would be more than happy to help illustrate or design your educational project, so your information will communicate your message better to your target group.

Do you want me to work for your company too? Awesome!
Call or email me if you have any questions, for a consultation without obligations or a quotation. Or just to meet up for a cup of tea or coffee.

Informative illustrations ensure that knowledge is more accessible, better communicated and remembered more easily.

The informative illustrations are suitable for both print and online or digital use, which can also include interactive illustrations. I can make illustrations with both pixels or vectors. Vector drawings do not have a fixed resolution; the images can be infinitely enlarged without any loss of quality.

I like collaborating and consulting with the client to make sure the illustrations are tailored to the subject matter, the target group, the level of complexity as well as the general education level or a level specific to the target group.


Phone: 06 – 36 00 11 50


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Do you have a question, remark, do you want a quotation or just a cup of tea – just email me:

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