In addition to illustrations, I also make infographics* . Infographics combine text and visuals to convey information in an accessible way. Infographics usually depict educational or scientific information, but they may also be about something personal.

I would also gladly help you with an infographic and work with you to find a design that best suits the target group, the type of information as well as the look and feel of your company or organisation.

It would be no problem at all to collaborate with a copywriter or work with existing texts, but I also enjoy (re)writing my own texts – so you’ll be set from A to Z 🙂

Do you want me to work for you too? Awesome!
Call or email me if you have any questions, for a consultation without obligations or a quotation. Or just to meet up for a cup of tea or coffee.

*) An infographic or informative illustration is a representation of information on various objects through a combination of text and visuals. This can be in the form of a map, graph, diagram, display, flowchart or instructive drawing – a visual user guide, ‘how-to’ or manual.
Infographics are visual tools aimed at communicating information, data and knowledge. They are often used in news articles and background articles, annual financial reports, as a visual aid in public transport systems, and for scientific or educational purposes, or to tell a subjective and fun personal story.


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