Educational illustrations for museums

I really enjoy making educational illustrations for museums.
There is a reason for my love of museums: they are wonderful places where adults and children get to learn something in a fun way; a place with beautiful and extraordinary things that evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity.

I would be happy to work on illustrations for scavenger hunts, booklets for exhibitions, school programmes and other museum publications. This also includes creating illustrations for online use.

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Before fully committing to my illustration work, I studied biology at Leiden University. I have always loved the natural sciences, and I find it a fun challenge to transfer knowledge in a straightforward and clear way: communicating information through a wonderful combination of text and visuals.

Other than producing work for museums, I also like to illustrate for other educational projects. Some of my work includes:

  • Educational illustrations for school books and other learning tools (Noordhoff, Uitgeverij Karakter, Stichting Goed Rekenonderwijs, Sommenfabriek)
  • Illustrations for other knowledge centres (UNAWE, LUMC/Leiden University)
  • Various infographics


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