Clients and testimonials

Selection of clients for which Irene Cecile worked:

Uitgeverij Querido, Plint poëzie en beeldende kunst, Zeppers film en tv, TEDxLeiden, Universiteit Leiden, Club Interbellum, Eigen Huis & Interieur, Cost Effective Architecture, Uitgeverij Atlas Contact, Karakter Uitgevers B.V., Bureau Mdm., Volkskrant Magazine, Items tijdschrift voor vormgeving, Passionate Platform, Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC), Stichting Present, Noordhoff Uitgevers, Geluksroute, Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Sugarfactory, Boom Uitgevers Amsterdam, The Big Draw Leiden, Legermuseum, Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, LUMC Magazine, Stichting Goed Rekenonderwijs (SGR), Slideluck Potshow, NS Try Out Festival, Uitgeverij Micromys, Rotary International, NEMO Science Center, Universe Awareness (UNAWE).


My work was (among others) published by:

Uitgeverij De Geus, Ésta magazine, Penguin Books, Uitgeverij Augustus, RKD Nederlands Instituut voor Kunstgeschiedenis, De Volkskrant, Tijdschrift voor Professionele Fotografie (PF), Ground Magazine, Leidsch Dagblad, Xpublishers, GUP, Schretlen & Co, Thieme Art – Thieme GrafiMedia Groep, Van Lennep, Adbusters, The Pepin Press, AaOo magazine.


Irene is cheerful and creative, which makes working with her a very enjoyable experience. Communication is open and clear, producing a quick result that was well-received by all parties. She is also sufficiently headstrong to finetune where necessary.

Ianthe Mantingh

Architect / director, Zijdekwartier architects

The collaboration with Irene was pleasant and professional. Transparent communication and she expertly translated my thoughts. The illustrations turned out beautifully!

Floris Dekker

Osteopath, Dekker Osteopathy

Irene Cécile works efficiently, meticulously and aligns your wishes and potential solutions perfectly.

Martine Eskes

Secretary of the Rietveld Foundation, secretary of the Bep Rietveld Foundation

Very pleasant to work with Irene. My question to her was to simply put down profound themes with enough room for the viewer’s own imagination, and I am very pleased with the end result. And of course especially when the effect of the target group is what I had in mind.

What I particularly appreciated in the collaboration with Irene is her patience, enthusiasm, creativity and critical thinking along to convert my ideas onto paper. A true craftswoman pur sang.

Niño Jacobs

Senior leadership coach/trainer

Irene held a compelling PechaKucha on her work and the beauty of simplicity and imperfection. You couldn’t help but browse through her work immediately afterwards. I would warmly recommend her if you want to explain a complicated subject in graphic terms and if you want to radiate a sense of approachability and originality.

Audrie van Veen

blogger , The Europeanologist

Irene created an illustration for Passionate to accompany ‘Beloega’, a narrative by Robin Kramer. She turned it into a work of art in itself, which also aligned beautifully with the story and with Passionate’s ambition to offer a compelling manner of presenting stories online. In terms of communication, working with Irene was also a pleasure.

Merel Jansen

Editor, Passionate Bulkboek

While working together, I noticed that Irene was very familiar with the professional and minimalist image I had in mind. The result is streamlined and rational. Precisely the aesthetics I was searching for.


Architect, Cost Effective Architecture

Irene works quickly, goal-oriented and efficiently with regular feedback, consultation and progress updates.

Marijke Hendriks

GZ psychologist, Transparant Leiden

It is a pleasure to work with Irene. She is skilled, highly creative and communicates cheerfully and clearly.

Xandra van der Steen

GZ-psychologist, Cooperating Psychologists Leiden

Irene is professional, practical and creative. Clear agreements, pleasant contact, excellent results. I plan to return to Irene for my illustrations in the future.

Frank Rood

CEO - Senior Trainer, MyTime Creator

It is very pleasant to work with Irene. She is very good at her job. She has the gift of beautifully visualizing the written text with her illustrations. This allowed us to convey our message to the reader even better.

Nathalie Schlattmann

GZ psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Psychotrauma Therapist (NtVP), de Bascule

Working with Irene is exceptionally rewarding; with her background as a biologist, she has a good understanding of the subject and which details can make the difference. She is open to suggestions, is reliable, and the dialogue is efficient. We started with a single project, and given the positive experience, we have expanded our collaboration and will now produce a series of medical infographics.

Liselotte van Hest

Clinical geneticist, Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc

We called on Irene for a difficult assignment: stripping down agricultural techniques for low-literacy target audiences with diverse cultural backgrounds. Irene has a perfect understanding of her assignment, delivers reliably and provides good suggestions. There is humour in Irene’s drawing style which is well-suited to educational illustrations. The most important thing: the farmers who work with the ‘comics’ are deeply grateful and use them weekly.

Hedwig de Coo

Communication specialist, Oxfam Novib

For the various General Practitioners and CJGs (youth and family centers) in Apeldoorn, we wanted to have leaflets about fever and earaches for parents of young children. Irene turned out to be a real treasure: she made a beautiful simple design, with attractive and clearly communicating illustrations. Due to her academic background, we understood each other very well and were able to achieve results quickly. We are very happy with the result and receive many positive messages from GPs in the region.
William van Ark

Manager Zorg Spoedposten Apeldoorn, Winterswijk en Zutphen, HuisartsenOrganisatie Oost-Gelderland (HOOG)

Working with Irene is a pleasure. She appreciates clear agreements and she contributes ideas to improve the products. Irene has produced illustrations for various Naturalis educational products. I expect that we will appeal to her creativity again in the future.

Krista Leusink

Content developer education, Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Irene played a very valuable role in the development of the comic book ‘Anne and the Green nose flu’: not only did she provide the beautiful illustrations, but she also contributed creatively and critically to the most effective way of communicating the content and message. A very pleasant and successful collaboration!

Dr. Ronella Grootens

Researcher / Teacher, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

I found working with Irene to be a very pleasant experience. The contact by phone and email about the assignment and the illustrations was friendly and clear. Irene contributes well to the design of the illustrations. After providing feedback on the illustrations, I quickly received the improved illustrations, which incorporated my suggestions well. As a result, all the illustrations were completed quickly and I am very satisfied with the result! For future assignments, we will definitely work together with Irene again.

Nathalie van Hillo

Project officer Policy and Operational Affairs, Reddingsbrigade Nederland (Dutch Lifeguard Association)

Working with Irene is a pleasure. Her clear questioning and creative solutions ensure that unique results are collectively achieved. In conversation with Irene, she always knows how to strike the right chord.

Annette ter Haar

Development manager, Technolab

Irene completed her assignment for three Information documentation booklets in a very pleasant and professional way. She delved into the subject in question and provided her own creative interpretation (including text), where necessary. All of this aligns with the target audience and in a nice, clear line. An excellent result!

Ellen Bal

Lineair Beeldresearch

I had an idea for a cartoon, but alas, I can’t even draw a circle. Luckily there’ s Irene, who illustrated my idea very quickly and beautifully. It was as if she could read my mind.
Chris Rommers

Chris Rommers webtext+

I very much enjoy working with Irene; she always delivers a nice production or illustration and is very clear about the agreements made and her working method. While she isn’t likely to admit it, she is secretly as original and strong in text as she is in her illustrations.

Julie de Graaf

journalist and magazine maker

Not only is Irene a talented illustrator, but also a very nice person to work with. She is professional, listens well to your wishes and mixes this with her own creativity to create something very beautiful. She worked on the cover of my dissertation during a period in which I was alternately available due to workload and stay abroad, but she had a flexible attitude and ensured that my schedule also fit into her schedule. I have received many compliments on the cover and would recommend her to anyone.

Jona Mijalkovic

researcher, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Irene made a drawing for us of the house of the secretary of our association: a personal farewell gift. With a great eye for detail and love for drawing she made a beautiful print for us. It’s totally our secretary’s house, and she was very gilded with her print.

Buurtvereniging Maredorp

We worked with Irene Cecile in 2014 to create visuals of the renovation of a national monument. Communication ran smoothly and effectively, and the result was as desired: beautiful images of the location allowing future tenants to visualize their home before completion.

H. Bos

I have been working together with Irene Cecile for 2 years now to my complete satisfaction. In this period she has proven not only to be good in her direct field, but she has also been able to contribute to the content and to translate this into adjustments/improvements.

Gidie Ritzerveld

Committee Zinderend.Nu

Irene produced illustrations for the publication of my first column collection. I granted freedom in her initial ideas, which I immediately liked. Irene quickly understands what her clients are looking for. For my collection, she created humorous illustrations that correspond precisely with the tone of my columns. My readers also found the illustrations very engaging. I certainly recommend Irene if you’re looking for an illustrator who, without too much explanation, is able to capture the essence in beautiful illustrations.

Annechien Lubbers

writer and founder, Sparkling Storytellers

Irene’s interpretation of my vision is spot on. Her style also fits perfectly with what I want for the cover illustration of my thesis. If I need another illustration, I would totally ask her again!
Insani Abdi Bangsa

Biomedical Engineering Student, TU Delft

When looking for an illustrator, the clear drawings in Irenes portfolio immediately appealed to me. With that as an inspiration, we set to work together. I was looking for drawings that showed at a glance how a baby is breastfeeding. Irene made that happen very well. The pictures speak for themselves. Irene masters the art of creating an image that doesn’t need words.
Kim Schoonenberg

Lactation consultant IBCLC

Irene was exactly the right person to illustrate the comic book on scientific medicine research for children. With her background as a biologist and experience in scientific communication, she knew precisely what we needed. Irene asks clear and concrete questions to find out what you really want, immerses herself thoroughly in the target group and has valuable insights. In this way, she helped us propagate our ideas even stronger. In short, an illustrator who knows exactly what you want and need and who is great to work with!

Prof.dr. Jos van den Broek

Professor emeritus of Science Communication, Leiden University

The Dutch Lifeguard Association has developed new posters for increased safety in, on and along the water. Based on subjects that needed to be mentioned, Irene made the illustrations to depict this. A total of three themed posters have been made that represent all the subjects in a very attractive overview per theme. The collaboration has been very pleasant. Irene makes clear and realistic plans, is quick with adjustments and corrections and is open to input and suggestions.

Sander Zeilstra

Communication, Marketing & Fundraising, Reddingsbrigade Nederland (Dutch Lifeguard Association)

Irene is an illustrator who can depict medical processes very well, even when the content becomes more specialized. She was a great help with a cell-level illustration of how we can reduce vasoconstriction in different ways.

Amel Eman Abdulle

Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen (UMCG)

Beautiful and wonderful illustration, in line with the philosophy of the KonMari method.
Moeko Noda

Social Media Manager, KonMari Media

Irene is an illustrator I highly recommend. She took care of the illustrations for the children’s book ‘Het reisdagboek van Travis Montgomory’. Irene is enthusiastic, rather creative and handles feedback well. Her good communication and flexible attitude make it very pleasant to work together. I am looking forward to another book with her!
Jolijn Swager

Publisher, Volt children's books

For the children’s book Wilde planten, Irene made a wonderful spread with ordinary plants that can be found in our immediate vicinity, on the street or in a meadow. The illustration has become a real blast. In addition, the collaboration with Irene was smooth and cozy – that’s important as well.
Cecile Bolwerk

coordinating editor, Schoolsupport

We asked Irene to make illustrations for a teaching programme at the national museum Boerhaave. We previously used photographs, but the target audience found them too shocking. Irene helped us quickly and clearly with which type of drawings are most suitable for the target audience. This resulted in good medical drawings, which are now much more suitable. The contact went easily and smoothly.
Rosalie Blom

project leader education, Rijksmuseum Boerhaave

Irene created beautifully detailed illustrations for my research project and helped me enormously with her suggestions for the drawings. The collaboration with Irene was easy and the illustrations were delivered very quickly. I am very happy with the result and hope that we will work together again in the future.

Dr. Mira Staphorst

researcher, Amsterdam UMC

I enjoyed working with Irene Cécile. She contributed well to a picture that would suit our article perfectly. Adjustments during the process were all possible with some additional items for later in the article.

Christi Waanders

Chief editor, LUMC Magazine

Irene made more than 120 explanatory maths videos for children. The videos are very straightforward and clear, and because of the cheerful light-hearted style and the lively introductory film, they are also a lot of fun to watch. Irene asks good questions, listens attentively, contributes ideas and empathizes with the target group. She helped to make the films even better. The videos have proven to be a great success; they are often watched and we get a lot of compliments from students, teachers and parents alike.

Prof. dr. Henk Tijms

Professor emeritus of applied mathematics, chairman of the Foundation for Good Math Education (Stichting Goed Rekenonderwijs)

I found it quite special to witness how Irene was able to directly get to the heart of our work. Personal and vulnerable, but with a healthy dose of humour!

Sietske Steenbergen

Project coordinator, Present Leiden Foundation

For the former Military Museum in Delft, now called the National Military Museum in Soest, I asked Irene to collaborate on a visual online uniform determination tool. The collaboration was very pleasant; she is flexible, she contributes well to the development of the tools and the underlying techniques. She has made more than 400 beautiful illustrations of uniform elements, translating difficult terms and concepts into simple images that are also understandable for non-experts. Simple, clear and straightforward. But also simply very beautiful images!

Annet Ruseler

Digital content manager, National Military Museum

Working with Irene is very rewarding. She regularly creates illustrations for the sums in the Sommenfabriek’s workbooks. These images are lively, colourful and appealing and align perfectly with the target audience. She also assisted me with a constructive sparring session on the design of my books and my company name. By asking questions about my ideas and digging ever further, we came up with a name and logo that correspond perfectly with my company.

Liesbeth van der Plas

De Sommenfabriek

Irene’s designs are clear, straightforward and immediately appealing. She works quickly and carefully, with an eye for detail. She understood what I wanted to achieve (could almost read my mind) and surprised me with her input. And that is exactly why you hire a designer: to surprise you with designs that you could never have imagined yourself, but that fit exactly with what you wanted to propagate.

Quin van Dam

psychodynamic psychotherapist

Irene’s cover design is inviting and elegant and has turned the thesis into something really special. An alluring approach was Irene’s primary focus, and given the number of compliments for the cover, it really struck a chord with people. The design process was very pleasant; following a nice brainstorming session together, Irene produced a few alternative designs. Thanks to her background in biology, Irene also had insight into the content of the dissertation – a nice bonus. She delivered the final files quickly, with great care. I can highly recommend Irene’s work!

Onno Broekmans

Software engineer, Lumicks

I found the collaboration with Irene very pleasant. Irene not only has a lot of good ideas but also has the ability to convey your knowledge and ideas well, to listen, to steer. She is easy to reach for questions.

Desiree van den Hoonaard

Candidate civil-law notary, Verhees Notaries

We were looking for a completely different look and feel than is usual for a new online business-to-business web platform. By coincidence we came into contact with Irenes illustrations and we immediately had confidence in the collaboration. At first we were searching a bit for the right direction. Irene patiently moved along and has produced a fairly new drawing style for her. The objective of a completely different look and feel has been completely successful and we also receive very positive feedback from many business partners all over the world.

Floris van Eijndhoven

General Manager, IngreCore

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